…dismiss anything of which EMM can think instead of you…

…so what does EMM think of…

– complete support of machines driven by electric motors

– assistance in regular maintenance of schedules shut-downs and getting of summary of own equipment, i.e. electric motors, pumps, stirrers and other turning machines (equipment) used for the propulsion of presses, lines, drilling machines, grinders etc. (machines).

…where it considerably helps…

– in creation of scheduled maintenance plan for further periods where we consult the lifetime of equipment from the electric point of view

– in case of emergency accident when you have no spare equipment in your stock
It ensures…provides… supplies….

…how it is done…

1. First, the cooperation starts with the preparation of complete list of electric motors, pumps and driven equipment and of the location “map”, including the photo documentation of equipment locations. In practice we agree the date when our technicians can map electric motors right at the site. We prepare the outputs in printed as well as electronic form – based on your needs.

2. Provided the operation conditions allow it, we perform the diagnostics of electric and electric insulating properties of equipment, thermovision and vibrodiagnostics under working conditions. It result in the report with description of equipment conditions, completed with the price offer for possible defects removal. We can remove them during the scheduled shut-down of plant (in summer, winter, and weekends).

3. Provided the immediate intervention in the electric motor is needed, due to burned winding or mechanic damage, we have own transport service that picks up the electric motor and returns it back to you after the express repair of it.

4. We are ready to cooperate with you in provision of handling devices.

5. During the whole duration of cooperation we are active instead of you – i.e. we notify the need of further control of equipment, we send reports, we signalize risks.